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I am a beekeeper based in Monasterboice, County Louth. My bees are located in Monasterboice and Iniskeen, also in Louth. I am a member of Louth Beekeepers' Association which is affiliated to the Federation of Irish Beekeeping Associations (FIBKA). Up to now I have only bred enough queens for my own use, but I hope to produce a surplus of queens in 2019 - watch this space!

I keep only native Irish black bees since these are the best suited to the Irish climate and because new queens can mate naturally here without their offspring developing aggressive tendencies. THe black bee is almost extinct across Europe and it's important to keep Ireland as a good pure source of this sub-species, another good reason to keep these bees. I am a member of NIHBS (the Native Irish Honey Bee Society).

I have been taking the FIBKA exams, completing the Intermediate level in 2017 and the first part (Scientific) of the Senior level in 2018.I hope to have completed the senior level in the next couple of years.